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Recent Blog Posts

California Workers' Compensation

New Law Limits Ability of Out-of-State Professional Athletes to Claim California Workers’ Compensation Benefits

By Law Offices of Sef Krell |

A new law passed in the most recent session of the California legislature will help ensure that California workers’ compensation benefits paid to professional athletes are only paid to athletes who spent a significant portion of their career playing for California teams. In the past, professional athletes including former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon,… Read More »

California Workers' Compensation Law

Commission Marks the 100th Year of California Workers’ Compensation Law

By Law Offices of Sef Krell |

The Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation (CHSWC) is recognizing the 100th anniversary of California’s workers’ compensation law this year. The foundation of today’s laws protecting the rights of persons injured on the job to receive compensation for their work-related injuries was established 100 years ago when Chapter 176 was enacted by… Read More »

California Medical Practice

California Voters May Get the Chance to Raise Medical Malpractice Caps on Damages

By Law Offices of Sef Krell |

If Consumer Watchdog California is able to get the required number of signatures to qualify for the 2014 ballot, it may be able to put the question before the people of California whether the cap on noneconomic damages in medical malpractice cases should be increased. Currently in California, a person injured by a doctor’s… Read More »

Temporary Restraining Order

How a TRO Becomes a PRO

By Law Offices of Sef Krell |

It does not take much to get a temporary restraining order (TRO) against someone under California’s Domestic Violence Prevention Act. Under California law, domestic violence is more than just actual physical abuse and can include a perceived threat, stalking or other harassing behavior directed against a current or former spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, roommate, or certain… Read More »

Appeal Court Upholds Search

State Appeals Court Upholds Search of Purse in Home

By Law Offices of Sef Krell |

Earlier this year, the Second District Court of Appeal in Ventura upheld the search of a woman’s handbag in an apartment she shared with a male probationer. The Fourth Amendment offers protection against unreasonable searches and generally requires probable cause and a warrant in order to conduct a search. However, the courts have long… Read More »

Qualified Medical Examiner

AMEs and QMEs: What They Are and What You Need to Know About Them

By Law Offices of Sef Krell |

A Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) is a physician who has been certified by the California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) to conduct medical evaluations. An exam by a QME is used to settle certain disputes over the medical aspects of your claim. After your initial visit with a doctor, you and the claims administrator… Read More »

Medical Provider Network

New Law Hopes to Improve Medical Provider Networks for Injured Workers

By Law Offices of Sef Krell |

If you are injured on the job, notifying your employer of your injury starts the ball rolling regarding your California workers’ compensation benefits, which can help pay for your doctor bills, among other things. Problems can quickly arise, however, when you try to see a doctor. A new law aims to fix those problems…. Read More »

Workers Compensation Claims

Independent Medical Review Coming Soon to a Workers’ Compensation Dispute Near You

By Law Offices of Sef Krell |

Independent Medical Review (IMR) is the new process to be used by the California workers’ compensation system for resolution of disputes involving the medical treatment of injured workers. The IMR process went into effect on January 1 for injuries occurring on or after that date. As of July first, IMR will be the process… Read More »

Disability Benefits and Claims

Major Changes to California Workers’ Compensation Affects Disability Benefits and Procedures for Claims

By Law Offices of Sef Krell |

Senate Bill 863 was signed into law in September of 2012, and many of the bill’s major provisions took effect at the beginning of this year. This bill makes significant changes in California workers’ compensation law, including an increase in permanent disability benefits. However, the trade-off for an increase in benefits is cost-cutting in… Read More »

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